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LatinX Identity

LatinX Word History - "Latinx was originally formed for those of Latin American descent who do not identify as being of the male or female gender or who simply don't want to be identified by gender. 

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LatinX Numbers

Latinx Purchasing Power Driving USA Growth - "U.S. Hispanic buying power at $1.4 Trillion in 2016 was larger than the gross domestic product of Mexico and bigger than the economies of all but 14 countries in the world. 



Latino Majority App Wants to Step Up Despacito Pace of LatinX Political Empowerment 

New free non-partisan proximity-based app highlights urgency and resources for LatinX to develop, shout out, act and connect local grassroots political change initiatives in Latino majority communities.

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Latino Majority is a free nonpartisan independent proximity-based app to empower, inform, facilitate and encourage USA Latinos to vote, run for office, shout out, act, support, volunteer & connect with other Latinos and Latinas nationwide.

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LatinX Vote Growth & Power - Since 2012, the number of Hispanic eligible voters has increased by 4 million, accounting for 37% of the growth in all eligible voters during that span.


LatinX vs. Latinos, Latinas, Latino, Latinos

“If you choose to continue to call yourself Latino or Latina, that is your prerogative,” she says. “I think you can use whatever you prefer, as long as when you’re talking about other groups of people, you make a conscious effort to be inclusive and not silence or discount any voices.”