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Millennials make up44% of Latino eligible voters and are the main driver of growth in the Latino electorate. From 2012 to 2016, 3.2 million young U.S.-born Latinos came of age and turned 18, accounting for 80% of the increase in Latino eligible voters during this time.


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Latinx is a gender neutral term often used in lieu of  Latino or Latina (referencing Latin American cultural or racial identity). The -x replaces the standard o/a ending in Spanish and Portuguese forming nouns of the masculine and feminine genders, respectively. The term is a political neologism, reportedly first used online in 2004.[1] The term has gained popularity in social media, yet, is mostly used by community activists and in higher education settings by students, faculty, staff, and some administrators who seek to advocate for individuals living on the borderlines of gender identity. [2] In their work, Salinas and Lozano (2017)[3] stated that the term is influenced by Mexican indigenous communities of people.

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The Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) released Latino Gross Domestic Product Report: Quantifying the Impact of American Hispanic Economic Growth, a study that for the first time ever calculates the full Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the American Latino population. At $2.13 trillion, the estimated U.S. Latino GDP is the seventh largest GDP in the world, with American Latinos driving growth of the U.S. workforce and economy.